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Self-care such a cliche, or is it?

It seems every day, we hear ‘What are you doing for self-care?’ from our medical doctors, therapists, and even friends and family. I’m not negating that self-care is not essential; it is!

But how we look at it is different for everyone, and there is no set pattern of what, how, or when to do it. Sometimes, we can compare what we see others doing and see it as the go-to definition.

Self-care can be anything that creates – peace and moments of pause.

  1. Downtime when coming in from work – 30 minutes or more

  2. Unplug from all distractions (media, routine, and even people)

  3. Getting the laundry done (if you know, then you know)

  4. Sitting in silence

  5. Taking a drive

  6. Dancing your heart out, alone, with really LOUD music (yes, look like a fool . . . that is the point!)

  7. Cuddling with your fur babies (not the cow or donkey, unless that’s your thing)

  8. Shopping, shopping, and more shopping

  9. A hot coffee before beginning the day or a glass of wine in the evening to unwind.

Self-care can be taking in moments of gratitude at the beginning and end of each day. Spending time with our children or cleaning out a closet.

Regardless, self-care is the ACTION of setting peace into motion without judging whether it is right or wrong.

Now, go put your peace into motion!

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